5 Reasons Why My Liberal Friends Are A Joy To Be Around
Firefly Dragon
I'm a libertarian and a Republican, which means I tend to think of myself as part of the political right, and almost daily I read columnists of the Right-wing persuasion at Townhall.com. Yesterday John Hawkins published a column there, "5 Reasons Why Liberals Are So Unpleasant To Be Around," and because I can't resist twitting my friend Jenn who often links me to liberal-leaning screeds, before even reading it, I linked it to her on IM--before realizing the basic gist of the article applied as much to me as an atheist and a libertarian.

So, I'm making a rare Live Journal posting on my "real life" LJ partly as an apology--and partly because in my favorite pastime of Jenn-baiting I probably don't let her know often enough how wonderful she is. (Yes, Jenn, I know you would have preferred Snape/Hermione babyfic or possibly some prime grade Darjeeling tea or Chocolate Chip Peanutbutter cookies.) And also because I have to admit... My lasting friends have mostly been liberals--most of those on my friends list here are. So, first, for those who don't want to click on the above, Hawkins' "5 Reasons Why Liberals Are So Unpleasant:"

1) They're unhappy:
2) Liberals don't care as much about tradition:
3) Liberals see people who disagree as evil:
4) Liberals aren't very religious:
5) Liberalism encourages arrogance:

So, my five reasons why my liberal friends are such a joy to be around: (Click on the link to read more.)

1) They're generous and think of others:Collapse )
2) They don't blindly follow tradition:Collapse )
3) They keep me honest:Collapse )
4) They aren't religiously intolerant:Collapse )
5) They take a justifiable pride in their accomplishments:Collapse )


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